Community Support Groups & Workshops

The Source is here to help the community by facilitating educational workshops and support groups available to anyone in need despite the reason you seek help and support. At The Source, we do not care if you are actively using substances or are recovering from SUD. Maybe you are a family member or a friend who loves someone who may be an addict, or suffers from mental health disorders. Possibly you are recovering from co-dependency, eating disorder, or maybe you are grieving the loss of a loved one. It does not matter the reason, we just want to help you and provide the resources best for your well-being. 

Self-care, consistency, and awareness of your thought process and behaviors is beneficial to help prevent relapse and add growth to your life.

Everyone is unique and responds to aftercare or support systems in their own way. This why The Source provides a variety of different community support groups & workshops to choose from. We are here to help you choose which groups may be best for you, if needed. These suggestions will be made based off of your needs evaluation.


If you do not feel you are a fit at The Source, we can provide other community resources tailored to your needs. We have many community partners we collaborate with that may be more beneficial to you. Our promise to you is to be sure we guide in the right direction.

Please take a look at some of the different workshops and support group options that are available at The Source for people looking to fight their addiction, educate themselves, implement self-care or for those fighting for a loved one in need.

Confidential Treatment Evaluations

Any person visiting The Source will complete a brief needs evaluation with our social worker to assist us with breaking down any barriers that may be preventing someone from attaining their goals. Should an evaluation show active SUD we will assure that we make the most appropriate treatment placement based on the level of care needed, as well as finding the center with the most appropriate clinical and medical care for your loved one so that they can reach a therapeutic breakthrough and potentially achieve success in recovery. These evaluations remain confidential.


When our loved one is actively using, continuing to hurt themselves & others, but is unwilling for help, sometimes an intervention is the approach that is needed. Our trained interventionists work closely with family, friends and whomever may be involved to transcend & guide our loved ones to safety from their current status. We understand how delicate an intervention is but more importantly how much strength it takes for a family to make this decision. This is why our staff takes a supportive, loving approach and are considerate of all aspects. Each intervention is different as they are personalized & very intimate. We assure that your loved one will be placed in the most appropriate treatment center based on their specific needs. Interventions include family coaching & follow up

DOT/SAP Evaluations

A Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) is a person who evaluates employees who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol program regulation and makes recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercareThe evaluations can be completed both at The Source in PA or in Marlton, NJ. 

Private Individualized Support Sessions

In individual support, you will have the option to meet with our social worker or facilitators to help provide you with insight into addiction, inner strength, and discuss future goals. During individual support sessions, any questions you may have will be answered. This is an added support to our community support groups & workshops.

Support Groups
There is no charge to attend any of our support groups

Family Support Group

Do you feel consumed & alone due to your loved one’s lifestyle with SUD or mental health?  The disease of addiction is a brain disorder that suffers from a mental, physical, emotional, and most of all spiritual dilemma. Hope is possible & help is available.

Our All in the Family Support Group provides a safe place to learn to cope with your loved one’s addiction. With support, guidance & practicing self-care, the healing process can begin. Connect with others who understand the impact that addiction has & begin the journey of recovery.

*We complete the support group with an optional session of Yoga for Families*


Women’s Holistic Support Group

This group is designed for all women seeking to enhance overall wellness & become healthier mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You will learn mindfulness techniques by using bio-feedback modalities in “real time” to reduce stress, manage emotions and break the cycle of negative thought process.


L.A.B.O.R Support Group for Union Employees (pending)

Support group for union workers addressing the struggles associated with a sober workplace and to educate individuals about the disease of addiction.

Addiction & The Brain Support Group

This is an interactive, educational support group focusing on the science of addiction. You will learn how addiction affects the brain before using a substance and after sobriety occurs.


Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery is a Buddhist Path to Recovery from addiction. Refuge is designed to cultivate a path of awakening from the pain that addiction has caused so many. By utilizing mindfulness and other key factors, you can learn the benefits of this type of recovery and broaden your foundation

Grief, Loss & Trauma Support Group

Often grief and trauma go hand-in-hand. Finding a safe place to support your recovery will help move from grieving to mourning. Sharing our grief in a safe place with others often helps to decrease the intensity and helps to integrate the loss toward healing



Yoga4Sobriety @ 6:00PM

This session is for anyone in recovery.

Please bring water and we provide the rest!


Yoga for Families @ 7:15PM

Offered to any family member impacted by addiction and provided following the family support group.

Please bring water and we provide the rest!


Workshops For
The Community

Legal Workshops

Whether you or your loved one have been dealing with a current or pending legal matter, this workshop will benefit you by teaching you about your legal rights pertaining to your specific case(s). This workshop will be related to different legal issues and all concerns can be addressed. The list below are just some of the many workshops offered:

  • DUI, including driving under the influence of drugs
  • Drug Offenses, including trafficking and possession
  • Violent Crimes, including assault, domestic, homicide
  • Guns/Weapons, unlawful possession, sale, or discharge
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Theft
  • Federal Crimes
  • Traffic/Motor Vehicle Violations including Car Accident Cases
  • Expunging Your Record

Health Coaching Workshops

Ready to become a stronger, more confident and even more amazing version of yourself?

A Board Certified Holistic Health Coach will work with men & women in recovery from addiction who are looking to be stronger in body and mind than they ever thought possible.

During these workshops you will gain an understanding of select habits and principles in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, create your unique goals and next actions, and feel confident about implementing them into your life…one habit at a time.

Family workshops are available as well.

Vocational & Career Workshops

This workshop will be done by our community partners to teach you how to face your employment fears especially if you have a legal background that could be preventing you from finding employment and/or achieving your dream job. You will learn how to build a resume, how to properly and professionally interview, how to fill out an application, dress code and learn types of positions to apply for based on your history. There is always a solution with job placement, everyone is employable and there is help.

The Source has computers that can be utilized for job seeking as well.

At The Source our #1 priority is to provide support and education to make sure that you find what you need to gain peace-of-mind, tranquility and purpose. We mean it when we say that you and your families can live a purposeful & meaningful life again in all facets of recovery.

The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose

-Robin Sharma

Call Now To Speak To One of Our Caring Staff, You & Your Tranquility Are Worth It.