About Us

The resource center focuses on the specific & unique needs of each individual. We are vigilant with assisting those who are not only suffering from active substance use disorder (SUD), but also with providing support for individuals in early or long-term recovery, assisting family members who are learning to find balance during difficult times, and offer tools to the professionals that work in our community to enhance their personal development.

Our trained and competent staff understands that there are different pathways to recovery, that each individual has their own history and dynamic. We will assist those in need collaboratively with other appropriate resources when necessary to strategically design an individualized support network.

We strive to align each person with an integrated recovery support system by taking a holistic approach, so that anyone affected by SUD in any way can find a new purpose and that serenity can be attained and sustained.

  • Confidential Treatment Evaluations
  • Various Wellness Services
  • Private Support Sessions
  • Support Groups
  • Interventions
  • Workshops

Let's Go A Little Deeper

Any person visiting The Source will complete a brief needs assessment with our social worker, Taylor to assist us with breaking down any barriers that may be preventing someone from attaining their goals. Should an assessment show active SUD we will assure that we make the most appropriate treatment placement based on the level of care needed, as well as finding the center with the  most appropriate clinical and medical care for your loved one so that they can reach a therapeutic breakthrough and potentially achieve success in recovery. These assessments remain confidential.

Are You Struggling With Substance Abuse?

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