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The Source, an elaborate resource center, was created to provide an added layer of support for anyone in the community and a place for people to recover safely no matter what they may be recovering from. We bridge the gap between the person and their next step in life by identifying their specific needs and providing the foundation for them to walk confidently down their path. 

Who We Are

The Source focuses on the specific & unique needs of each individual. We are vigilant with assisting not only individuals in early or long-term recovery by providing support, but also those who may be suffering from active substance use disorder (SUD). The staff at The Source knows that families are also hurting. This is why we focus on assisting family members who are learning to find balance during difficult times with support and education. We also offer tools to the professionals that work in our community to enhance their personal development.

Helping Families

Helping Friends

Helping Professionals

Resources We Offer

  • Workshops: Community & Professional
  • Confidential Treatment Evaluations
  • Community Support Groups
  • Various Wellness Services
  • Private Support Sessions
  • DOT/SAP Evaluations
  • Interventions

You Never Have To Seek
Help For Recovery Alone!

In order for us to assist with breaking down any barriers that may be preventing you from attaining your goals, The Source will complete a brief needs evaluation with our social worker. Some examples of these goals could range from vocational education, navigating probation or drug court, obtaining an ID, recovery housing search, meditation, wellness, legal information, 12 step meetings, and much more.

Our assistance does not end there.

Should you be seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, or your needs evaluation shows active SUD we will assure that we will work together to find the most appropriate treatment placement based on the level of care needed for you. Together we will find a program providing the most appropriate clinical and medical care for you or your loved one as this is imperative for success in recovery. Our caring staff will be by your side every step of the way.

“Our needs evaluations are designed not only to help just our visitors but is used to guide our staff to continue to gain awareness of what the needs are in the overall community so we can continue to help.”

These evaluations remain confidential.

Help Is Here When You Need It

Need help? Give one of our addiction specialists a call!

Our Trusted Partners

3 Steps Towards A Rewarding Life

Step 1: Reach Out

Give one of our specialists a call to see what resources we can offer you.

Step 2: Relax

Let us do the work,
take a deep breath and relax.

Step 3: Recover

We will offer you every resource that we are able to, to instill in you that recovery is possible.